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Re: 24-120 - Bad luck

Uneven sharpness from one side to another is quite an unusual problem, in my unscientific (but reasonably informed - I read lens reviews) opinion and, for me at least, totally unacceptable. I returned my lens. My guess is that this is a production problem, as some people seem to be happy with their lens. Uneven sharpness from side to side should not be inherent to a zoom lens of this type or range. Some softness in the corners should be expected at wide focal lengths at wide apertures, but it shouldn't be disporportionate on one side of the lens. Good luck, Eric

elad wrote:
Just got mine and I'm getting the same results (right side is
softer). However, only in the wide side (24mm). The Tele side
(120mm) is sharp both sides. Was this the same for you? should I
try to replace or is this problem inherent to this type of lens?

Shadco wrote:

JimN wrote:

Thanks Eric for your excellent post including your test results.
I was wondering how this lens would perform on a similar test but
on a digital body doesn't record about 1/3 of the outer portion of
the image.
I have read test reports where a lens performance actually improved
going from film to digital due to exclusion of the outer area in
the latter.



Here is an example of the lack o sharpness on one side at the short
end with the 24-120VR version of the lens.

Shot taken on a 3021 tripod using a D100 with the camera square to
the subject.

1/45th @ f8. I stopped it down to what should be fairly optimal for
this lens.

Whole shot

crop from soft right side

crop from sharp left side


I have both lenses in question and as long as 28-70 suits my needs
I use the 2.8 28-70. If I need more felxibility I use the 24-120.

My dealer has a replacement for my current 24-120 coming in next week.

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