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Re: Ilford Gold Fibre Gloss

Alberto76 wrote:


I really love the Harman Gloss Baryta and I use it for some B&W images that call for a glossy finish. I use the GFS for the others. Both of these papers remind also to me baryta darkroom papers (I can tell you that I recently did, with my photo-club, an exhibition with 50x75cm gelatin silver prints on Ilford MG FB; I printed digitally the title image on Ilford GFS and it was difficult to see any difference!).

I would not say that the Mono Silk is better or worse than the other two, from the stand point of image quality; it just have a different feeling (that reminds me more RC darkroom papers, even though it is fibre-based).

Furthermore, not being a baryta paper, it has a more resistant surface (the worse, from this stand point, is the Harman paper).



Londongal wrote:

Hi Alberto,

In your opinion, does the Harman Gloss Baryta rank highest of the papers you mention? I love the way B&W images look on it. I have printed colour on the Harman, but mostly B&W, which are gorgeous and have a quality that reminds me of the fibre based papers I used ages ago when printing in the darkroom.

Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your reply. I find your thoughts on the Mono Silk/RC comparison (which I highlighted in bold in your post above) particularly helpful and interesting. Much appreciated!!!


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