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Re: Passport vs Adobe Profiles

b2martin_a wrote:

I generated Passport profiles for my D810, but the As Shot white balance I get with the passport profile is not the same as when using the Adobe profiles. I shot an image with white balance set to 5140K with the D810. When I look at the As Shot white balance with all of the Adobe profiles I get a white balance of 5400 degrees with a tint of 0. I generated two dual illuminant passport profiles - one with flash and incandescent and a second one with direct sunlight and incandescent. I get different As Shot white balance values for both. The one with flash and incandescent gives 5350 temperature with a tint of +2 and the one with direct sunlight and incandescent gives 5450 temperature and a tint of +7.

Anyone know why the x-Rite profiles give different As Shot white balance values than the Adobe profiles?

QPcard and Adobe DNG Profile Editor profiles also give different As Shot values than the Adobe Standard and Camera… profiles. I have no idea why, but I've always been under the impression that As Shot in Lightroom was not truly as shot.

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