Elite 5400 II

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Re: Check the KM website - it's a perfect starting point

VueScan with  the Minolta scanner has always worked fine for me using XP\Vista\7 and various CPUs including multikernel i7. I cannot recall that Vuescan used inf. files feeding the MS "twunk" interface, the setup seemed entirely free of fiddling with drivers. I did try the original program once , but it had less flexibility than Vuescan.

The reason you do not get a second scan after preview may be that you have the option set to only use data from the preview scan.

If you wish to stack multiple scans from the same original, do infrared scans, sharpening  fixed or variable colour corrections to the raw file before it is sent on to your harddisk as a TIFF or compressed as a Jpeg, all of this is set in the options.


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