D800 does infrared

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HassanB wrote:

I have the B+W 77mm 092 IR695 and have had no luck getting the right custom white balance on adobe camera raw. Ive tried using custom white balance tool sampler on trees and it doesnt give me the cool blue look. Ive tried DNG profile editor and created a better base for white balance and still havnt had any luck. My filter is super black, and ive see others on youtube get their custom white balance with a opaque IR filter, and use a grey or white card to get that blue whitish tree look. Can any one give me a tip or two?

You will never get the right WB with adobe. Try this...go to Capture NX, with your RAW file, in Camera Settings, at the top, drop down menu, White Balance, set Gray Point, select Marquee sample, then hit "Start" button...your cursor will turn into an eye dropper, drag it from the top left corner of your image to the bottom right corner of the image, give it a second to process. When it is done, go to File-Open With-Photoshop. Then you can do your channel swaps or what ever you may need to do.

Hope this helps. IR can be very frustrating to get, but once you get the hang of it, you'll like it. Except my wife, she hates it.

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