Nikon 24-85 3.5-4.5 VR - why not 67mm filter size?

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Re: Nikon 24-85 3.5-4.5 VR - why not 67mm filter size?

whoosh1 wrote:

Its good to have one more lens option but now that Nikon was going toward a common 67mm filter size in many affordable lenses (28mm f/1.8g, 85mm f/1.8g, 70-300 VR - and of course DX lenses 16-85 VR, 18-105 VR, 18-70) and of course - why not complete the affordable set for FX with a 67mm filter size? Ideal would have been all 4 with same filter size - affordable wide-normal zoom 24-85, affordable telephoto zoom 70-300 VR, affordable wide 28mm f/1.8g and affordable short telephoto 85mm f/1.8g.

For travel purposes I too have standardized on 67mm (i.e. significantly smaller/lighter than a set of 77mm filters). And like you I was "disturbed" that the old 24-85mm was 67mm while the new VR version is 72mm. Notwithstanding, I hired SK Grimes to create a custom 2mm thick 72-67mm insert for this lens. I am now able use 67mm filters with only just barely visible vignetting at 24mm which is easily cropped out. I should mention that this only affects 24mm focal length and is otherwise completely unnoticeable at any other focal length. As all my other lenses also use 67mm for me this was a reasonable compromise (at least for travel).



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