My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

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Re: My 7-14 takes filters ... at the rear end

Anders W wrote:

photohounds wrote:

Anders W wrote:

photohounds wrote:

Excellent work and ingenuity.


I was thinking about getting this lens.
It seems the wait for the Zuiko 7-14/f2.8 is for more than just an extra stop.

Yes. On the other hand, for those who don't want to wait and/or find the higher weight, bulk, and (in all likelihood) price of the M.Zuiko 7-14/2.8 undesirable, there is, as this thread shows, a solution to the special problem encountered with the Panasonic 7-14/4 when used on Olympus bodies.

True Anders .. for me, I can access the lens ad-hoc so there is no need to buy it. Lucky me, except that I doubt its owner will want me modifying his lens.

Probably best for others to see 7-14/f2.8 Zuiko before criticising it, though.

it does not look that much bigger, If it isn't > 500g and is noticeably sharper it might well be worth the wait and cost.

Based on the measurements here,

which have so far proven to be quite accurate, it will be quite a bit bigger and in all likelihood heavier than the 7-14/4. As to weight, I think 500 g is about the smallest value we can hope for. Then it remains for each of us to decide whether the extra bulk, weight, and (likely) cost is worth it of course. To me, the extra stop isn't particularly important for a lens like this. Weather sealing is always nice but not essential to me either. But if it turns out to be extraordinarily good optically, I may consider it nevertheless.

My two 40-150 l(the 4.05.6 and the 2.8) lenses differ greatly in weight and size. Guess which is almost never on the camera? it might be a similar story. With the 9-18, it makes three MFT lens choices .. three quality levels and three different size/price and quality "settings".


Weather resistance is always good IMO and as a long term proposition it tends to keep out fungus.

Now, if weight is really an issue the 9mm/f1.8 PRO might be a good alternative at 2.3 stops faster than the panny - I hope that's weather sealed too.

It probably is weather sealed. I guess that's something Olympus wants to offer as standard with their PRO line. But it's pretty big in comparison with the Samyang 7.5/3.5 FE and in this case too, I find the extra speed to be of limited interest. Further, I don't really think of an FE as a substitute for a rectilinear UWA. OK, you can reproject UWA images to look more "fishy" and the other way around. But the AoV of the FE is much greater even when "defished" and it is far from always that I want to go quite that wide.

It is said to be VERY small/light and the 12-40 does go reasonably close and is very good wide open.

With a tripod and stitching, two images can make very wide images on the odd occasion some of us want super wide - no good with moving subjects, of course
Great choices we are starting to get!

Agree. It IS specified as being weather sealed and suited not just to interiors but also to the great outdoors, which as we know can be most inclement.


A real storm chaser's lens and it is metal, not plastic..
Based on their previous efforts, it will likely be even sharper than Pana.

My guess about 500g is probably close as it matches other's guesses.
2.8 is 2.8 is 2.8 .. to paraphrase Gertrude (who paraphrased Bill Shakespeare)

The likely increase in price is not much for 100% more light - look at other lenses where one can make this comparison - it is never cheap and certainly never free.

Oh, I have the Samyang and like it for what it is.
Sharper than the equivalent panny too, it is said.
It certainly satisfies my "need" for "bent" pictiures

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Odd that people complain a lens is not sharp enough,
and then proceed to make pics where 95% is OOF ..
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