Phil Askey has spoken to the Canon SLR Forum...

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apologies for my quip, Teski

Teski wrote:

Sure there's a lot more noise and rude people over there, but there
are also very nice people and competent photographers just like

no question about it

I don't know that the forums are a huge enough reason to pick one
camera over another though...I think this is the best forum on this
site bar none...But at the end of the day, I'm out shooting pics
not here and I need to have the right lineup for me...Again, it
wasn't the S2 but more a Nikon thing for me...

while I still question your decision (based on my own agenda of course), I am delighted that you are still active here have long been among my favorite Fujistas and certainly among the most helpful

I have found this forum such a wonderful source of inspiration, knowledge and friendship, that I may be a little irrational in my defense of it

I venture into the other forums and agree that there is much gold to be mined there ...FSLRT is family for me and you (and Mahesh) will always be part of the family

hope you didn't take an iota of offense at my quip at the expense of CSLRT forum members, though I think that forum along with Canon's lack of support for older lenses, are two of the strongest reasons for my never going over to Canon ...having had an S1 before the S2, I think I understand the SuperCCD (hate the name, BTW) file and can squeeze a lot out of it ...I am certain I could do the same with other files, but there would be a steep learning curve, which of course can be part of the fun
have you found the transition (in post image capture processing) difficult?
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