How satisfied A-mount(er) are you?

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stan_pustylnik Veteran Member • Posts: 4,032
How satisfied A-mount(er) are you?

I understand that amount components affecting your answer in this poll could be big.

Please explain if you feel need for it.

I'm personally thankful to Sony for saving Minolta's DSLR business, for creating great cameras like A100, A700, A900, A850, A580, A77 (II), A55, A57, A37 for new lenses fully compatible with A-mount and previous flash guns.

However there are several things I don't like:

Limited attention to A-mount progress compare to e-mount; flash mount change, too short period when camera bodies get updated drivers and software, limited line of inexpensive prime lenses, pour communication related to A-mount in recent 2 years, no camera/lens road-map for A-mount photographers.

Poll is anonymous as usual, please make your choice:

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I'm happy a-mount(er) ***** 5 stars
28.5% 69  votes
I'm mostly happy a-mount(er) **** 4 stars
42.1% 102  votes
I'm not happy A-mount(er), but still hoping for better times and Sony'attention. *** 3 Stars
12.0% 29  votes
I'm not happy A-mount(er), not hoping for better times and Sony'attention. ** 2 Stars
4.1% 10  votes
I'm not happy, stuck with A-mount equipment I own * 1 Star
5.0% 12  votes
I'm in process of leaving A-mount. 0 Stars
8.3% 20  votes
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