Allright. I got it. Black J5.

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Allright. I got it. Black J5.

Just got it. Just back in the car. The store to my surprise still had it separate aside with my name on it. They know me better than me or honest mistake.

So a few things for anyone reading what I may post later so they don't heart attack-

- I am busy printing for an exhibition in July so limited time
- I will check some day shots and definitively night shots
- I am not going to bother "taking the same shot with a j4" to compare but I will describe subjectively from past experience. If later on I do have the time I may do a side by side but really- takes too much time and I use to do that in the past. Less now.
- I may sell forward the J5 if something to me doesn't feel right- and it should not be taken at all that I think the camera is bad or I doesn't work etc. it's just a balance of needs/ wants and most importantly what I already have.  These are tools- not soul mates.

I just bought an omd em5 mkii recently and if I was decided on it for all my work I would not be getting The j5. I am still not quite "won over" by the omd for all I do, even though what I just said about the J5 applies the same- the omd is by all means a fantastic tool.

I also reviewed the work I have done with the J4 and there are some particular shots and "way it draws" I like a lot. I always use what I buy.

The main reason the J5 catches my attention having a j4 is first and foremost the sensor and that It has the articulated LCD I wanted from the v3 while still keeping a J4 size.

I realize I am lucky (at present time) I am able do these purchases without sacrificing needs at the moment - so I am grateful - and will sell forward what I don't need or use.

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