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Re: Manual Focus Lenses+A7

Actually, You might be better off with the Pentax 85f1.4, I had a Contax/Zeiss85f1.4 and never used it successfully for what I wanted(candid sen=mi-tele street work) because of focusing difficulty. I know it's not intended for this, but it is truly limited to be a slow focusing studio lens(and quite heavy). I know many will scold me for complaining about the precision, but it has close to a 360 degree focus rotation. I goes beyond precise to make you crazy, especially with live view, changing apertures and focus mili-angles. It's focus analysis paralysis! So if you are working with still life or a very patient model in a studio, I guess it's the best, but I decided to just use my Contax/Zeiss 50f1.4 with a 1.5x Novoflex Sony E adapter to get a 75mm I can focus much faster. I have heard only good things about the Pentax. Oh and the Contax 85 price! I took a $75 loss selling it, after paying $625.

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