An amusing A6000 story.

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An amusing A6000 story.

I was in Best Buy today, and spied an open box A6000 with the 16-50mm lens.  It was not a particularly good deal, (it was $499, and fresh ones are $599 at the moment), but I figured I'd look at it anyway.

The salesperson took it out of the case and it turned out to be missing just about everything except the body, lens, and battery.  No lens cap, no hot shoe cover, etc.  It did seem to work, although it asked to set the date and time when I turned it on.

I figured I'd ask them if there was any extra they could take off, and they said they could sell it for $299, with a 15 day return period.  That was a pretty good price, and, given I have the battery charger and cables from my A7, I decided to try it out.

I got it to the car and turned it on again, and uh asked for the date and time again.  This was not a good sign.  Turned it off and on again, and nope, it wanted it set again.   Not promising....

I decided to give it a try anyway, and see if a firmware update would make a difference, so I took some shots with it, and then got it home and updated the firmware to 1.21 (it had been 1.10).

By some miracle, the date and time now registered properly after the firmware update.  (We'll see what happens after it sits overnight, next).  It does seem to work properly (actually better than the A6000 I tried a few months ago), but I need to give it a real work out during the day tomorrow.  I was also able to get a shutter count, and it was only 525 (of which, I probably was responsible for 50 or so), so it really was not heavily used before it was returned.

Now the bad part:  There is a scratch on one edge of the rear glass, and the front bezel of the lens (around the glass) is scratched (but the glass is fine).  The sensor had an actual fingerprint on it, and lot of dust specks.  I've done one wet cleaning so far, and the fingerprint is gone, but I have to have some good blue skies to shoot at to see if I have gotten all the motes off. Actually, more bunnies than motes   )

If all seems well with it after my doctoring, I suspect I will keep it.  $299 for a low mileage A6000 with lens and battery, even with some cosmetic issues, is damned cheap.....but I do plan to call the manager of the store and tell them they really need to do a better job of checking out things they put out as open box items  (not that they will care...)

I did try it out briefly with the LAEA4 and 70-300mm Sony lens, and I am actually very excited that this will be my go to combo for bird shots (which is the primary reason I was thinking of getting one).

These were all from JPGs as I hadn't even turned on the RAW + JPG setting, and all hand held (no tripod handy in the car on the way home).  Should be fun when I am better prepared (and have more interesting subjects, too )


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