13 inch MacBook Pro Retina 8GB For Photo Editing?

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Re: 13 inch MacBook Pro Retina 8GB For Photo Editing?

Kevin Muldoon wrote:

TheCohbrah wrote:

Yeah I think 8gb will be fine (especially with the SSD being a newer model). I think the whole RAM thing is messing with my head.

Thanks for the input!!

I recommend opening up all the applications you use regularly on your existing computer. Then open up activity monitor and check how much RAM you are using. That will give you an idea of whether you need to stick with 8GB of RAM or save some money and upgrade to 16GB of RAM.

Uh... ok!

I had the Chrome browser running. I opened up Activity Monitor and it said I'm using about 3 GB of memory. So I launched Firefox, and Safari, and MS Word, and MS Outlook, and Photoshop, and opened documents in all of them. Now it says I'm using 2.98GB of Memory.

Seriously. The Activity Monitor will not give you a good idea of memory use.

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