13 inch MacBook Pro Retina 8GB For Photo Editing?

Started Apr 29, 2015 | Discussions thread
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"problem" with macbooks

As others have suggested 8GB will be enough, I have nothing much to add on that end.

The "problem" with the newer macbooks is that the HD and RAM is soldered on to the motherboard. So previously you used to be able to buy the least amount of RAM and cheapest HD and upgrade both yourself but this not possible any more. So for one you are stuck with whatever you buy initially and upgrade via. apple is eye-wateringly expensive.

But the above does have its benefits. I have a 13inch Mac with 16GB and i7 which is a joy to carry but carrying my windows laptop is pain in backside. So I believe it allows them make sleeker laptops and also faster. but all that comes at a rather hefty price

So if you are going to buy a Macbook make sure you buy one that will serve you well in the future, 8GB might be enough today but remember you are stuck with it forever after! so the question you have to ask yourself - is it going to be enough 3-4 years down the line?

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