Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

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Re: Non-OEM gloss optimizer for Epson R1900/R2000

BrightGuy wrote:

I recently purchased the Inkjetfly pigmented inks for the Epson R2000 and I am very satisfied with them except for the gloss optimizer. The inkset consists of color inks made by Inkjetfly, Inkjetfly V3 Photo Black and Matte Black made by Image Specialists. The ink droplets spread on paper a bit more than the OEM-inks, but the minimal diference is only seen by a close inspection. The gamut is a little worse at an end and a little better at another, overall similar. The Dmax also. The bronzing and gloss differential is lower than the OEM inks. The problem is its gloss optimizer. It seems to cause bleeding to the darker tones so the contrast becomes narrower and the image somewhat blurred. There's also an overall yellow cast, compared to the print without the GO. I never mixed these inks with OEM gloss optimizer, but I strongly suspect there's something wrong with IJF GO. If something is printed without GO and then a blank sheet with GO over the already printed image, the final results is a very fine image (without blurring, bleeding or cast), but with some paper roller marks.

So, does anyone know a better non-OEM gloss optimizer for R1900/R2000 that wouldn't produce blurred images nor would be susceptible to paper roller marks? OCP, Image Specialists, Conecolor, or any off-brand GO?


NO the problem is not in the GLOP although it is a contributor. The problem are the inks themselves. NONE of the available 3rd party inks for the R2000 will EVER provide you with the original even gloss as with OEM inks. The magenta, red and orange ink are specially MATTE in their gloss. That's why I bought me about 25 sets of OEM carts from EBAY at about $15 to 25 a set.

Inkjrtfly, Inkjetcarts, Image Specialists, and everything also including OCP ( Germany ) will NOT touch OEM. Though OCP GLOP is a lot better than anything available in the USA, good luck getting it. I had a European friend send me a liter of it and though it does help, I still fall back on my OEM inks for the R2000.

Check out EBAY for current prices on R2000 Inks.


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