Fujinon 18-135/3.5-5.6 looks disappointing

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Re: Debbie Downer

18-135mm is very useful even if you have a shorter fast zoom the 27-200mm equivalent could be enough tele for most and you still have a wide angle. It also doesn't suffer from the massive optical compromises of larger range superzooms.

Personally I didn't find the Fuji 18-135mm to be a great lens, but I've used the Nikon 18-140mm, Canon 18-135mm and Sony 18-135mm all three lenses are optically superior to the Fuji the Nikkor probably the best next is the Sony which is quite a lot sharper the Canon is decent though. The only lens the Fuji beats is the awful Pentax 18-135mm a poor lens in every respect. I expected more from Fuji on this lens, WR is nice but it's the glass that counts.

There are always compromises with lenses of this type the surprise is how poor the Fuji is at 18mm even stopped down most are a bit weaker at the top end extreme corners many can live with that but a dodgy wide end hurts the lens badly. Some might like it but if you've used those other 3 you'll be disappointed.

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