I am waiting for E1 as well

Started Jul 11, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: I am waiting for E1 as well

Believe it or not, I have decided that it is The One. (No, I didn't steal this line from The Matrix movie.)

Daniel Clune wrote:
If i was in your shoes, am assuming you dont own any lenses I would
wait until you see at least a couple of reveiws and THEN actually
decide which to buy, I will assume you decided to wait on a
decision on what to buy until the E-1 comes out and didnt mean you
decided on th E-1 before you know if its any good or not. Hope you
have somthing for the summer to use until the E-1 reveiws start
coming out. It will be interesting to see how the E-1 does, a good
competition in the dslr is always good for the consumer. I was
hoping to see a larger foveon sensor coming out, hope that happens

DonP wrote:

Well, after a lot of soul searching, 10D, SD9, 14N, etc...

I finally decide on the E1 which I haven't seen.

Strange, but true. Something about its technology tells me this is
going to be a great camera.

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