Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

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Re: Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

RichRMA wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

RichRMA wrote:

Did Tokina make this one too?

I am not certain that the DA 16-85 is a Pentax design. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. It doesn't matter. The problem comes in sloppy manufacturing, and Pentax certainly manufactures the optics.

Tokina never made optics for Pentax. It was the other way around.


Thanks, so the only thing they share is the optical design.

For the joint Pentax-Tokina lenses, that is correct. It is my understanding that Pentax manufactured the optics for Tokina for the joint lenses.

Of the joint lenses, Tokina designed the 12-24. Pentax designed the other ones.

Pentax has historically gotten long wide-to-tele lenses from Tamron. Tamron often uses a 62 mm. filter size, which Pentax has never used for its own lenses. So I suspect that the 18-135 is a Tamron design (even though Tamron doesn't offer a lens of its own like this). The DA 16-85 has a 72 mm. filter size, which Pentax has also never used for its own designs. That makes me wonder if this lens is by either Tamron or Tokina. On the other hand, Pentax had never made a lens with a 55 mm filter size. Then they made the DA 20-40, which has this filter size. So it might be that Pentax is venturing into filter sizes that it hasn't used before. It really doesn't matter. The DA 16-85 is reportedly a fine lens, whoever designed it, if you can get a good copy. I'll keep trying.


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