Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

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Re: Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

awaldram wrote:

You perhaps are not aware how manufacturing works in the modern age

The only reason 'occasional' lens are checked is to ensure the lens are coming off the manufacturing line within 'acceptable defined limits. It has nothing todo with checking the lens itself (it doesn’t get a 'checked' stamp)

Manufacturing plants use designs and build technique to achieve a set quality .... they then randomly check the plant is hitting that quality.

This doesn't mean things can't go wrong but is unlikely and even it it does not for an appreciable run before detected.

The company I work for has a 2% limit for failing memory simms , One of the manufacturers we 'badge' has a 5% limit consequently we QC every simm from this manufacturer so that we can deliver on our 'promise' with our label.

The same applies to Joe even though it's manufacturer to user, Pentax obviously have a lower standard than Joe therefore the only way Joe can be sure to get 'what he requires' is to test every lens he buys, As his standard is greater than the manufacturers a good proportion will fail his test.

This is because as designed they were never meant to pass his test hence he needs the better ones off the production run rather than average.

Pentax on the other hand couldn't care less they set their 'standards' to keep returns and warranty repairs to an acceptable level and if they can put two milk bottoms on a pepsi can and sell it for £1000 with low return they will.

To assume otherwise shows a level of brand blindness that is the true 'fanboy state' to believe Pentax make lens as a service to their users rather than make money !!! and leads to the disillusioned rants we often see in these forums ..... hell has no fury like pentaxian spurned

Andrew, wouldn't you expect to something close to a standard distribution of "quality" around the center point of the design spec, with outliers and and beyond the edges of the spec?  if so, even if Joe's acceptance criteria are higher than Pentax's limits, I would think that he would still see a good proportion of acceptable lenses, with a few outliers.  Instead, most of the lenses he gets seem to be unacceptable to him.  Either his standards are absurdly high (and I don't think this is the case), his testing methodology is faulty, or he has had an extreme run of bad luck...

Your thoughts?

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