Firmware 1.21 A7/7R/7S A6000

Started Apr 8, 2015 | Discussions thread
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Re: Firmware 1.21 A7/7R/7S A6000

I've held off doing the 1.21 update for my A6000 even though I do have the 1.20 firmware inside. I know many of you (if not all) have had success doing the firmware upgrade from the japanese link but I guess I want to play it safe and use firmware downloaded from my native/european support site. Why isn't Sony releasing this firmware to other support sites as well? I mean if this firmware fixes bugs from the 1.20 firmware, why does it only appear in the japanese support site? If the firmware is indeed legit and universal, wouldn't it take only one minute for the Sony tech guys to post the firmware to all Sony support sites?

I guess this is why I'm going to wait because something just doesn't add up.

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