Is Dual Pixel AF wasted on a DSLR?

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Re: Is Dual Pixel AF wasted on a DSLR?

Midwest wrote:

smozes wrote:

Canon's Dual Pixel AF flagship. I don't consider this usable, unless I was setting up a landscape shot on a tripod. All this wonderful AF technology, and the camera still blacks out on you.

Well that IS the nature of the beast, that's how it works.

Clearly, not the optimal body and yet Canon put it there but not in its mirrorless.

For ages Canon has been getting slammed over their slow, slow live view AF. At last they have not only improved it but very likely pulled ahead of any other brand's DSLRs using live view. Even though most people do not buy DSLR's to use them mainly in live view (IMO) they still have improved this function and also improved AF in video as well.

It's like complaining because there are too many cherries on the cake, when a few could have been put on the cupcakes.

??? In the DSLR world Canon has had pretty fast live view. Everyone was slow, but Canon was solid. Now they have the fastest.

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