Finally, a small flash (with big power) and advanced features....

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Ben Herrmann
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Finally, a small flash (with big power) and advanced features....

...for smaller cameras, in particular, the Fuji enthusiast models.

Hey gang...

One of my biggest pet peeves has been in the area of external flash units. I've seemingly tried most of them (and I have my favorites). But one thing that has been consistently missing across the board (for most brands that is) is a small flash that allows you the flexibility of using it in a variety of ways - not to mention lots of power.

Well, I've been reading up on the new Meike MK320 F speedlite before it was officially released and I was impressed with specs - in addition, to being available for Fuji, Panny/Oly, Nikon, Sony, and Canon cameras.

So recently I ordered this flash for Fuji TTL from here (only around $70 USD):

eBay link for all of the Meike MK320 F speedlites

You can read up on the specs for this flash from the Meike website at:

Meike website - specifically, the MK 320 F model speedlite

Here's what has impressed me with this model:

1. Although it's small (and similar shaped to other flashes that you have seen in this style - i.e. the Nikon SB-400, Sunpak, and a few others), it eclipses all of them because of a variety of advanced features.

2. The ability to twist into a variety of angles, allowing you to also use your camera in portrait mode with the flash adjusted in the right direction (see photos below) - just like more expensive, larger units.

3. Seemingly lots of power.

4. Has a built in modeling/video lamp that can be used without flash in closer up situations.

5. Has flash exposure compensation features.

6. Comes with a flash diffuser/balancer cap (see photos below).

7. Has a USB port.

8. Comes in TTL Fuji dedication.

9. Has a very fast reycle time (I shot a series of cat photos in which I just kept shooting one after another with no pause and the flash kept firing in rapid succession).

9. Comes packed in a what appears as a "high end" box - feels more like a wooden box than a cardboard box.

10. Excellent set of instructions and stand.

11. Only winds up costing you around $70-$79 (shipping included) depending on who you order it from off of eBay.

I'm still in the process of finding all that this little unit can do, but suffice it say, I'm gratified to see something finally available in Fuji TTL dedication for our enthusiast cameras. I am so impressed with this flash that I just ordered two more off of eBay - one for my Panny/Oly m4/3 cameras and one for Nikon.

Yes, the only place now you can order this flash from (among other Meike options) is eBay and yes, it takes 10 -14 days to arrive.  But the unit is so well packaged that you feel like you've received something "high end" even before opening the box.  For me it was well worth the weight...and for only $70 USD!!!

OK - so just for photographic purposes, I put the MK 320 F on an X20. Here are some views of this combo.

Here's a view looking straight on with the flash in the down position. Now the size of the flash as shown here looks bigger - but it's not. Because I was using a 24 MM wide angle lens to capture it, the actual proportions look larger (which it isn't).

I tend to use bounce flash for most of my shots, however, with these similar shaped smaller flash units, you can't really shoot in portrait mode. Well, with the MK 320 F, you can as it swivels around left or right and it can go all the way up for full bounce flash capabilities in regular landscape mode.

And it has a modeling/video light which is quite bright, allowing you to take indoor or lower light photos with daylight flash arrangements. In this photo, the modeling light is on along with the diffuser/balancer cap that came with the camera.

Looking at the flash from the rear, you have a wide variety of advanced functions, various modes (TTL and M), Power levels, LCD light on, modeling/video light, flash exposure compensation (FEC), and more. The unit takes 2 batteries and I was surprised at how fast it recycled (almost instantaneously in some instances).

And yes, you even get a stand on which to place the Meike. I was very, very impressed with this flash and have ordered two more - one for my micro 4/3 cameras, and one for Nikon. At this price/performance point, you can't go wrong!

Here are a few quick samples - nothing artistic at all. Some obligatory quick cat shots....taken with the bounce/diffuser cap on the flash with the X10 camera.

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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