Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

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Re: Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

I'm highly interested with the new K-3 II, but it seems Pentax has quite some QC issues - been there myself, 2 copies of DA14 and 3 copies of DA21 when I still used the K-01.

But - it's not just Pentax - it's common problem these days. Granted, not everybody is aware of this issue. It really depends on the kind of photography you're doing. I do mostly architecture and astrolandscape so decentering is a big issue for me. Right now I'm selling my 2nd copy of Canon 24-70 L II and also a 2nd copy of Canon 24 TSE II. Both are supposed to be stellar, but my copies have been consistently 'off'. How much? It's noticeable even at f/8 and f/11 at 24mm. I shot interiors with the 24 TSE and noticed the left part of the frame always lacks DOF compared to the right part. The 24-70 L II betrayed me with the night shot - this is the 2nd copy from Canon service as they replaced the original one because it was noticeable right away. I tested this second copy and yet I still missed the problem. When I shot some astrolandscape scenes, the right part of the sky has OOF stars where the left part is pinpoint. I also had exactly the same issue with ZF2 35/2 and ZE 50/1.4 (not much on this one so I keep it).

From those experiences I think there are several types of decentering. The 24 TSE could still render the objects on the focus plane sharp left to right but behind that it's off. The 24-70s are more consistent from foreground to background (incl. infinity) - so obvious I could render imaginary DOF lines crossing the whole scene.

I plan to get the K3 II with the new HD 21, hopefully I can get a good copy this time

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