Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

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Re: Pentax Quality Control Strikes Again

awaldram wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

I just got a DA 16-85. As with any new Pentax lens, I immediately took it out for a brick wall test. Sure enough, it is optically decentered, with bad weakness on the right side.

That's my second bad Pentax lens (out of two new lenses purchased) since last summer.

It's going back.


I think Joe your version of acceptable is not the same as Pentax's , This isn't meant as a criticism just a fact.

No it's just bl....dy unsympathetic!

I assume Pentax and all manufacturers assess what passes most peoples casual usage and doesn't generate returns when they set the pas/fail limit for quality control (not sure if there is any legal definition)

Given the large number of failures you get I can only assume your more discerning than the average user and hence your only option is personally test and fail lens as you get them.

On the plus side its good that Pentax accept your version of 'faulty' and don't return them as no fault found.

We used to have a similar issue when TFT lcd's first became affordable users would try and return units for one dead pixel and seemed put out that this was 'acceptable' and within European giudlines as serviceable and as such woudl not be accepted for warranty repair/replacement.

This wasn't meanness on the part of the manufacturers but purely if we replaced a 1 dead pixel unit they'd possible get more dead, our QC limit was 5 where European (legal definition of serviceable ) guideline was 20 at the time.

What is your game Andrew?

Joe has bought yet another lens that is decentered and you make out that it is his ridiculous standards that are at fault and not the fault of Pentax. Do you not think that Pentax know damned well when a lens is out of kilter? If it wasn't the case why would they be using pixel shifting technology, so they can make the most out of decentered lenses?

Then we get "how generous Pentax are for accepting his opinion of the lens", as you know I know a guy at Pentax and his opinion is "absolutely  not yours", as far as he is concerned de-centered means the lens has a problem and as such it should be replaced and as such will replace it!

"Please be a bit sympathetic towards other peoples woes" when they are buying de-centered/faulty lenses at several hundred euros a pop.

Good luck Joe!

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