Holds up well compared to some of the competition.

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Holds up well compared to some of the competition.

I received an Aperlite YH-700c for review, an ETTL flash for Canon cameras. I was able to compare this flash with the Canon 430 ex II, Yongnuo 565 ex II, Yongnuo 568 ex II, and Neewer 680 flashes. All flashes were used with a Canon 5Dmk3 on camera and using Yongnuo 622c triggers.

I am reviewing this flash in light of how I use a flash and what others like myself might find useful information. I mostly shoot my flashes in manual mode using remote triggers for portraits, but occasionally use ETTL on camera for event photography. In light of this I compared max power, size, weight, ¼ power (which I use a lot), colour, high speed sync power, noise of zoom, and ETTL performance with direct and bounced flash.

I mounted each flash in a Cheetah stand S mount and 33” white beauty dish with a sock and attached a Yongnuo 622c wireless trigger to each flash using the 622c-tx controller on camera. I tested each flash at 1/1 f22 ISO 100 1/200 (sync speed) to see the pattern, power, and colour output of each flash. I then fired each at ¼ power, then ¼ power at 1/500 with high speed sync.

At 1/1 Power the power of the Aperlite is quite competitive. At full power it is difficult to see a significant difference in flash power output with any of these flashes. The shape of the output is a bit different though, with Aperlite and 680 having more center focused results. The Aperlite flash head is significantly larger than the others and just barely fits into the flash bracket. There is an extrusion along the bottom of the flash head that seats the flash in the bracket a bit. On the good side it won't easily come out, on the bad it moves the flash head farther into the modifier which effects the pattern. Refresh time of a full power flash of the Aperlite took a full 12 seconds. In order of max power, I would order it as below.

YN 565 ex II

Canon 430 ex II

YN 568 ex II


Neewer 680

They are all fairly close and may vary copy to copy.

¼ power test again shows similar power across the flashes and different patterns from the 680 and Aperlite with the 680 showing a strong horizontal banding. The refresh is very fast at ¼ power with all of the flashes.

The high speed sync test reveals more about these flash's power. The YN565 can't do HSS, but the order of the power from the other flashes is as follows.


YN568 ex II

Canon 430 ex II

Neewer 680

The Aperlite and YN568 are similar with the nod going to the Aperlite, and the 430 and 680 are similar with the nod going to the 430.

The direct flash ETTL test I ran the Aperlite yielded slightly dimmer results than the Canon, while the Yongnuos both were slightly brighter. All the flashes gave good results well within the latitude provided by the camera. I shot the Aperlite for the better part of a week using it in ETTL and it has done a fine job.

I measured the flash noise while zooming with a sound level meter.

zoom head in db

Canon 430ex2 63db

YN565 62db - sounds slightly unpleasant

YN568 67DB - sounds unpleasant

NEEWER 65db - sound hideous though

Aperlite 61db - surprisingly quiet

As you can see they are all fairly similar, none are so obnoxious as to be a problem.

Weight with batteries, food scale (because I have one)

aperlite 1 lb 1.375 oz

565ex2 1 lb 0.25 oz

568ex2 1 lb 0.75 oz

430ex2 0 lb 14.75 oz

680 1 lb 1.375 oz

Again pretty similar overall, but the 430 ex II is smaller and lighter. The Aperlite flash head is huge, have to wiggle into place of cheetahstand flash bracket. The wide angle diffuser is thick and stiff. The contacts are sharp points rather than rounded balls (Yongnuo are pointed too), making it tough to get on/off compared to the Canon. Aperlite body is contoured and more attractive than YN bodies, seems smaller but really isn't. Flash materials feel nicer on the Aperlite than the YN flashes. Neewer 680 is the monster in size, build feels really cheap, balls instead of spikes, easiest to put on/off of the camera.

Conclusion – Overall I like the Aperlite. The build quality is quite good, the buttons feel good, and it gives a solid performance for a flash at this price! I'd say the 430 ex II will remain my on camera flash of choice, but the Aperlite is significantly less expensive. For off camera work the Aperlite worked perfectly with my 622c triggers. Like any product I can nit pick issues, but none of these are show stopper problems with the Aperlite. If you are looking for a nice full featured flash for under 100$, this one is hard to beat.

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