Fujinon 18-135/3.5-5.6 looks disappointing

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Re: Fujinon 18-135/3.5-5.6 looks disappointing

Jerry-astro wrote:

mynameiszen wrote:

I have both 55-200mm and 18-135mm. I also have a 35mm and 18mm prime. And if I could only choose one lens to travel with, it would be the 18-135mm.


- Trust me when I say the 18-135mm's 5 stop image stabilization is mind blowing. Even someone with shaky hands like me could take a 2" handheld shot without blur! Yes it isn't the fastest lens, but who needs speed with a 5 stop IS?

- It's weather proof. No dust no water problems.

- A perfect all rounder zoom lens

- It's much lighter than 55-200mm


IQ isn't as great as the 55-200mm, but very decent.

Why would you compare the 18-135 with the 55-200? They are two completely different beasts intended for different subject matter and applications. A more valid comparison would be with the 18-55, which is much lighter and somewhat faster, but lacks the FL range. I prefer the 18-55 myself, since the longer FL range isn't all that useful to me for most of what I photograph when traveling. I also don't like the way the camera and lens balance with the larger 18-135 (when toting the camera on walks, excursions, etc.) but all that is a very individual thing.

I'm sure all your observations are valid, but I don't quite get the rationale behind your comparison with the 55-200. Both lenses have their place but for very different uses IMHO.

Easy answer. For many of us, the 55-200 was the only way available to get something longer than 55mm. Now we can achieve the same objective with the 18-135. So for anyone who wants their telephoto range to extend beyond 55mm but doesn't require the 135-200mm range, the 18-135 is a logical alternative. I sold my 55-200 after buying the 18-135 because I no longer needed the 55-200 to achieve my telephoto purposes.

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