Fireworks and 'stuck pixels'

Started Jul 10, 2003 | Discussions thread
JenFu Regular Member • Posts: 207
I may be confused myself...

Hi David,
Nice photos!

I may be entirely wrong but I thought this kind of "artifact" came from long exposures with DSLR's. I shoot with a D100 and any time I'm over 1 or 2 second exposures, I get these pixels. The longer the exposure, the worse it gets. Anything less than 1 second and it is fine.

So, if I'm wrong, someone please let me know too. I have only a month or so left on my warranty!

David Chung wrote:


Hmm... I have had dust on the sensor before and clean my sensor
periodically (following Thom Hogan's description). I didn't think
this was a dust issue.

Anyone else care to comment before I take the camera in to the shop?

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