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Manual focus

Thanks for your detailed assessment. You commented about the manual focus in your post as being "not great", and in the link you said:

“The main thing I don’t like about Panasonic’s implementation of manual focus is that you have to turn the large control ring at the front of the camera around and around many times in order to work your way through the entire range of focus.”

The same complaint was made by people regarding the MF on the ZS40, as the MF on both models is the same.

However, there is a better alternative than using the lens control ring, which I agree is unwieldy as it does take many turns to adjust if you are far from the focus point. I have the lens control ring always set to control the zoom, as it allows a more precise adjustment than the zoom lever.

For manual focus I use the small rear control wheel. The adjustment for MF is simply accessed from the Quick Menu (after setting the focus to MF). After navigating to “MF” in the symbols shown along the bottom of the Quick Menu screen, the rear control wheel can be rotated many times very quickly, just using a finger, to locate the fcus point. The display on the screen is the same as when using the lens control ring.

That is actually explained in the manual, although it is rather hidden away. The description there is rather vague though and it took me quite a while to work it out. However, now that I’ve found that method I always prefer it when I need to use MF.


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