Photographic Dynamic Range (PDR) is a More Useful Measure than the DxOMark Landscape Score

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Re: Deemed (by committee) "Acceptable" Image SNRs ...

bclaff wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

bclaff wrote:

Just to recap.

I chose SNR = 20 which ISO says is "good" (They also say SNR = 40 is "excellent" )
ISO also says SNR = 10 is "acceptable"
As I understand it, SNR = 5 is considered the limit of usable feature detection.

Just out of curiosity, are you saying that the "International Standards Organization" ("ISO") has deemed this or that image SNR as "acceptable" ?

Yes, ISO 12232.

OK. Found some of the relevant quotes from that standard. So, you picked a (linear) SNR=20. It may make sense to separate analysis of results that are dominantly influenced by Photon Shot Noise (as opposed to Read/Dark Noise), at least at base-ISO - from the dark-frame Read/Dark Noise analysis (as you do). What you are doing is a valuable thing. Keep up the interesting, thought provoking work !

DM ...

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