Photography has too many narcissistics. Locked

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Photography has too many narcissistics.

I feel people try to oversell themselves. I see these pictures of mundane things, and people put those things online as if they're 8th wonder of the world, the resurrection of jesus christ.

A brick house. A cookie jar. A car. A picture of the beach.

You need your own site do you.

People look at those pictures for 2 seconds, and forget it. I look longer at the setting on my dishwasher than I'll look at your picture.

The grandeur some photographers have of their work. They embelish their photographs with conceited quotes. Add black and white to make it seems like it's interesting (for crying out loud stop doing that btw, your crap picture is still crap in black and white).

It's all just so icky, it's the pretentiousness, the elitism.

Photography is a tool, you click the shutter button and you have your picture. You didn't build the taj mahal or colosseum.

Get back down to Earth.

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