Helical Adapter Review: Yeenon Leica M VM-E Close Focus Adapter for Sony E Mount

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Helical Adapter Review: Yeenon Leica M VM-E Close Focus Adapter for Sony E Mount

I recently bought an M-mount Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar Series III. And while it focuses as close as 0.5 meters, for a superwide, that's not as close as i hoped. A Voigtlander helical adapter costs about half as much as the lens - and so, I began casting around for a cheaper. quality adapter.

A few weeks ago, I asked if anyone had experience with the Yeenon helical adapter advertised on eBay and got no responses. I read some of the Chinese seller's feedback, and it was uniformly good. One claimed it more nicely made than the Voigtlander helical. And so, I decided to buy one.

The Yeenon is manufactured of chrome plated brass, very nicely finished. Its helical mechanism is smooth, almost as if it is lubricated, but it might be a kind of self-lubricating plastic inside the brass. You can purchase the adjusting ring in chrome or black.

The lens side clicks smoothly when an M mount lens is attached - VASTLY better than my Metabones dumb adapter. Anyone who's struggled with the Metabones know its lens side is - despite its cost - pretty coarse.

Lens side

The lens side is much, much better made than the Metabones.

The body side, also plated brass, is similar to the Metabones.

Body side

The first critical test was with the helical mount fully retracted - did it allow infinite focus? - yes, just like the Metabones.


Understand - a superwide has virtually no travel between infinity and closest focus - which means a helical adapter must be near-perfectly manufactured. Any tilt would throw one side of the frame out of focus. Comparison of the same scene with the rigid Metabones and and helical Yeenon showed no issues.


The 6mm of travel allows me to almost touch the lens with a subject - so it really-really works.

I didn't attempt to focus the lens on a flat surface with the helical all the way extended. The right and left side of the subject are much farther from the central axis, and of course would be meaninglessly out of focus.

Lens on A7, helical extended

The price of the adapter is $159 plus $12 shipping. If you give the seller your phone number, he can ship it by fast China Post. I ordered on April 8 and it was delivered on April 16.

I am very pleased with saving more than $150 with this adapter. Ordinarily I put each lens on its own adapter, but will put this on the 50mm f2 Summicron M as needed. Can't wait to try it on my upcoming Spain-Portugal trip!

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