Photographic Dynamic Range (PDR) is a More Useful Measure than the DxOMark Landscape Score

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Re: Clarification - Read Noise and Engineering Dynamic Range

bclaff wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

Above 10 stops flare starts to play significant role in real-life shooting.

Detail Man wrote:

If such is indeed the case, how (at least in relevant, so affected cases) might such phenomena influence the ("practical", "real world") significance of both "PDR" as well as DxOMark numbers ?

Since PDR measurements are made from photographs I suspect that any other influence, such as flare, would be built in to the results.

If we are talking about flare appearing in the region around -10 EV below maximum levels in your "PDR" source image-data, those effects would seem to have significant effects upon the data (?) - whereas DxO Labs' DxOMark testing is performed on image-sensors without attached lens-systems.

Question: Is your defined (linear) SNR=20 test condition then modified by (or, does it somehow take into account) any lens-system flare effects existing within the test-shots that are then relied-upon ?

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