Photographic Dynamic Range (PDR) is a More Useful Measure than the DxOMark Landscape Score

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Re: Channel Trajectories

Jack Hogan wrote:

bclaff wrote: So we can have a concrete discussion about this matter consdier the following charts:

Bill, I get very similar numbers to yours, within a few hundreds of a stop. The D7100 Dxomark Landscape score looks off, it should be much closer to the D7200's, which looks right. Say within 1/3 of a stop.

Here is a question for you. See all those apparently different trajectories the separate color channels appear to be taking: do you think the read noise of the various channels in units of photoelectrons should therefore be different as well? I have recently convinced myself that they should not.

In the absence of light we certainly don't expect different position in the Color Filter Array (CFA) to behave differently.

In the case of Nikon we know that the red and blue are stretched in the raw data making their noise measure higher and the SNR lower.

Also, it's a stretch, but in a multichannel readout perhaps the channels are intentionally not calibrated identically. That would show too.


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