Photographic Dynamic Range (PDR) is a More Useful Measure than the DxOMark Landscape Score

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Re: Engineering DR still a needed data point

Horshack wrote:

IMO engineering DR is still very useful because it tells the reader what the deepest shadows will look like irrespective of the SNR further up the tonal scale (what PDR provides). For example, here is a D5000 vs D3s shadow push comparison I did many years ago - although the D3s outperforms the D5000 significantly in terms of QE and shot noise, the D5000 still produces better deep shadows at base ISO, even after discounting the D3s's banding:

Full link:

I think comparisons of "identical" images in this fashion is very useful.

But let's not forget that a tone curve has been applied, dynamic range has been compressed in some areas and expanding in others.
There is no easy way to relate what is seen in these images back to the linear raw data.

In particular, I'm quite sure you're not seeing anything relevant in any areas that are entirely read noise.

Regarding the D3S and D5000, DxOMark shows a 0.55 stop advantage to the D5000 at ISO 100
So I'm unsure what point you were making with those images.


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