Hot Filter added to E-M1 EVF to protect from sunburn !

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Hot Filter added to E-M1 EVF to protect from sunburn !

Dear MFT users, after 8 months, I have now come up with a final
solution for the sunburn problem @ high diopter settings in the Olympus E-M1 EVF.
To remind you of the original problems and threads in the MFT forums, here a link to one of
my entries that best describe the problems I had : .

Already at that time I had maintained that the most elegant solution would be a filter
behind the eyepiece.

I have now finished testing such a filter, and it works.

I used a thin filter foil such as supplied by the ROSCO company, The filter is called thermashield .

I do not seem to be able to sert a working link. Find the ROSCO company, and then search for

filters, or ask your searching machine for the THERMASHIELD filter .

Further below I include some photos that illustrate the device I constructed, its
measures in millimeters, and how it fits in the eyepiece frame below the eyepiece.

The slot cut in the filter foil is to prevent activation of the IR eyesensor in the camera
when the filter foil is applied. When fitting in such a filter, make sure the coated
side of the foil is on the outside, facing the eye .

The foil itself only minimally interferes with the brightnes of the EVF, and I found it
to be nearly color neutral , just a very slight shading is perceived.

With this filter in place, there is no change in the appeareance of the camera, and all
of its features remain active. There is also no tampering with any part of the camera,
including the eyepiece itself, so there are no issues concerning the manufacturer guarantee.

Here now come some pics of the device :

Measures in mm:

E-M1 with eyepiece removed from camera

Hot filter placed onto exepiece frame, coating towards the outside

Clear plastic cover on top of hot filter

Eypiece back in place, holding the filter and the clear plastic cover.

The plastic cover is to avoid scratching the coated surface of the filter .

The E-M1, now equipped with the filter, in glaring sun shining into the EVF. The camera is turned

on, and the diopter setting is switched to maximum +clicks .

I hope this thread will help those of you who need a high diopter setting on the E-M1 or E-M10.

Olympus E-M1 Olympus OM-D E-M10
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