Agora Gallery, any experience ?

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My Agora Gallery experience

Ahh, it would seem the folks at Agora Gallery troll far and wide - even to photographers here in Montreal, Canada.

I looked into this gallery. They do indeed have frontage, on two floors at 530 West 25th St in NY. With google street view, you can actually go inside the main floor!

As other posters have mentioned, it's a vanity gallery - you pay to exhibit. I suppose if you are hard up for exposure, want to make a name for yourself, or have bragging rights to say you exhibited in a NY gallery, this is one way to do it - all be it an expensive one.

I exchanged a few emails with the staff, asking how many artists' works they had sold. No reply other than to say its confidential. I noted in some of the testimonials that a few people said they sold one piece of work, or "enjoyed the experience" or other pandering nonsense.

Frankly, before spending the time and resources to go down to Agora, I would suggest readers here spend an equal amount of time developing their own local market, in a town or city nearby, to determine what sells. Get involved with a local artists or painters guild, try and sell in local art shows. Learn to sell yourself and your style, and invest in a few good books about on how to market your photography. Search Amazon for titles by leading photographers such as Alain Briot.

If you still want to crack the Big Apple, try it after you have honed your skills, then approach some real galleries... to see if one will represent your work.

Hope this helps!

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Frederic in Montréal
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