RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

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Re: simple install

Have you read the whole of this thread? A few of us are happily working away, although most of us had serious problems (as you have). You are right, for most of us this is a terrible installer with no docs. Stupid of Fuji. Read here for my (OSX limited) sucsess


For what it is worth, my crystal ball tells me that Fuji's "our server was overloaded and it will be back up in a few days" is pure non-sense. I'll point out that we haven't seen/heard of Fuji Europe or Japan offering files, I asssume they are on separate servers! I think we will be seeing an improved installer if not a V2.01 software package in a week or two (or three or four, this is Fuji). JUST A GUESS!

Dick Fellows wrote:

raka wrote:

well, my experience differs - i did not do anything prior to
running the RAW EX 2.0 update

  • downloaded update

  • inserted my original Hyper CD

  • clicked on installer

  • restarted mac

i definately did not uninstall ANY of the old Fuji s/w first

got no error messages & everything works fine

ps: i did not install the tether s/w, since i don't need it

running US version of OS 10.2.6

Does anyone have idea as to when Fuji will make available the new
Hyper Utilities software for the MAC OSX? I tried downloading it,
thought I had it and have tried every way I can to install with no
joy. Simply does not work for me on my new G4 D 1.25. There are
bits and pieces all over my system and I think Fuji has done a
lousy job of distributing this software that we all (MAC owners)
have been waitiing for so long. No read-me files and very little
info. And now they decided to stop making it available for
download!! Really sucks!
Dick Fellows

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