RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

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Re: simple install

raka wrote:

well, my experience differs - i did not do anything prior to
running the RAW EX 2.0 update

  • downloaded update

  • inserted my original Hyper CD

  • clicked on installer

  • restarted mac

i definately did not uninstall ANY of the old Fuji s/w first

got no error messages & everything works fine

ps: i did not install the tether s/w, since i don't need it

running US version of OS 10.2.6

Does anyone have idea as to when Fuji will make available the new Hyper Utilities software for the MAC OSX? I tried downloading it, thought I had it and have tried every way I can to install with no joy. Simply does not work for me on my new G4 D 1.25. There are bits and pieces all over my system and I think Fuji has done a lousy job of distributing this software that we all (MAC owners) have been waitiing for so long. No read-me files and very little info. And now they decided to stop making it available for download!! Really sucks!
Dick Fellows

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