Panasonic G2 infrared

Started Nov 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
Nigel Richards Junior Member • Posts: 34
Re: Panasonic G2 infrared

If you simply remove the ir cut filter you will probably have problems focusing to infinity, it needs a replacement filter of the correct thickness or the sensor moving forward,  some lenses do allow the lens to focus past infinity and may work, the Oly 14-42mm II R is one of them.

To test this I removed the cut filter on an oly e-pm1 reassembled and tested, the oly 14-42mm II R worked ok but none of my Panasonic lenses would focus to infinity.  In this instance removal of the shims allowed a forward movement of .5mm which allowed most lenses, but not all to work ok . I think it needs .8mm forward movement, which is beyond what the shims allow or a replacement filter inserting.

Good Luck

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