iPad 3 won't sync photos.

Started Apr 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: iPad 3 won't sync photos. - THE SOLUTION....

As of yesterday, the following process stopped working consistently:

1. Using Lightroom to Export (NEF - Nikon RAW images and converting them to JPEGs) to a dedicated iPad Photo folder on my iMac.

2. Sync'ing to the New iPad through iTunes.

Today, the above process worked on one photo but not others... This I have no explanation for because I have been using this workflow for several years with no problems.

However, after some thrashing about, I found that sync does work if NEF files are first converted to JPEGs within Lightroom and then exported to the iPad Photo folder.

The Lightroom export window was set to: JPEG @ 100%, RGB, Width = 2048, pixel count = 264, and Sharpen for Screen.

I welcome comments from anyone with insight into the suddenness of the inconsistent results and why converting NEFs to JPEGs first and then exporting the JPEGs allows the sync process to work.

I very recently upgraded iOS to 8.3... Hmmmmm. Is that the culprit?

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