Firmware 1.21 A7/7R/7S A6000

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Re: Firmware 1.21 A7m2 link updated correctly!

westlites wrote:

RidgeRunner130 wrote:

This is the a7m2 link for both Mac and Windows.


This link takes you to both Mac and Windows for the rest of the models.

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Thanks, successfully updated my A6k to 1.21. No problem with the English menus.

Re lowlight AF being better, my initial tests seem to show some improvement. Getting locks now in low light when I couldn't before. In those shots, zooming in shows quite acceptable sharpness.

Could be wrong, though.

EDIT: Yup, there's definite improvement. Don't know though, if it's because of 1.20 or 1.21. Didn't try taking shots in my almost-dark office immediately after the 1.20 update. Before, couldn't get AF locks in the same environment.

I just updated my A7R to 1.21 without incident on Windows 8.1/64. I have the SEL5518 and did a before and after low light focus test and noticed a slight improvement in hunting....I guess. At least nothing appears worse and I'm not sure what the LCD error was that was fixed.

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