does anyone actually like the canon 50mm 1.4?

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Re: does anyone actually like the canon 50mm 1.4?

I had mine, and I really wanted to like it, unfortunately the autofocus was very unreliable. I have very nice pictures taken with it, but I had a lot of misses also.

I didn't want to carry the f1.2L (nor I wanted to pay for it), so I started looking for alternatives. The 50mm f1.8 II was one, very lightweight, but also fragile. At some point I found a 50mm f1.8 I, and I bought it. It is very noisy, and also wide open is not that sharp (even tough I believe it is a bit better than the f1.4), but it is extremely accurate in terms of focusing.

Currently in my lightweight bag there are 3 lenses. The 50mm f.8 I, the 24mm f2.8 (non stm) and a 90mm sigma f2.8 macro (fairly good performer, it just needed a small tweaking in the electronics), one 36mm extension tube (to reach 1:1 with the 90mm) and a small flash (220ex). With those I can cover most of my photographic needs when I'm traveling.

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