Anyone bought a Hoocap SH-49A?

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Re: Anyone bought a Hoocap SH-49A?

McQuestion wrote:

Hi there! I'm considering getting the HooCap for my SAL1650 f2.8, and your thread came up in my search.
I see you got that for your 49mm e-mount, which is also intriguing since I have several of those 49mm filter size e-mount lenses.
Now that you've had that for a while longer, what are your thoughts? Has it held up over time and proved to be a good purchase? Have you tried it with any of the other lenses than the one you bought it for?

I hadn't been on these forums for a while so didn't notice your question.

What are my thoughts? In a word, Great!

The time it saves instead of having to remove the hood, turn it around, re-attach it and then remove the cap is great. I only use it with my 35mm 1.8 these days as that's almost permanently attached to my NEX.

I've not used it with the kit zoom for a long time, but seem to remember it causing slight vignetting at 18mm. I rarely use that lens though so cant remember if the lens vignettes at that length anyway.

Build quality is good. It can be a little fiddley to attach or close at times and it does not create as a good a seal on the front of your lens as a traditional cap (slight gap, less than 1mm), but the convenience far out weight this slight negative. It just means that you might get a little more dust on your front glass over an extended period of time but is easily fixed with a quick blow with a rocket blower or a lens pen.

Hope that helps.

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