X100s - AF lock & Shutter release?

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Re: X100s - AF lock & Shutter release?

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On my X100 you do not have to focus with the shutter button before using the AF lock. Configure the AF lock button to be a switch. Then when you aim the camera and press the lock button you have locked the focus. (no need to press the shutter button except for exposure). The confusing part is that only when you set manual focus do you see on the blue strip where it is focused. In other modes the focused is locked but you do not see it. I'm sure the X100s does the same thing

To test his out, put the X100s in e.g. shutter priority and focus with the lock button. To see where it is focused press the shutter button half way. Then point the camera at an object at a different distance and press the shutter button again. You will see that it is stiff focused at the locked position.

Thanks Jay,

Just tested it with no luck. On my X100s when in AF-S mode the AF-L button does nothing other than lock the focus once the shutter release has been used to obtain it. Pressing it on its own doesn't make the camera attempt to obtain focus again. Am I doing anything wrong?


You are doing nothing wrong; Jay got it wrong. It focuses like that in manual mode only. Any other mode it's the shutter button to focus. AF-L to lock it if you have it configered that way

Same here - the way I see it, pressing the AFL button locks the focus thats already been aquired with a half-press of the shutter release. The AFL button itself does not focus the lens in AF mode. It does in manual focus mode though!

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