How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

Full Frame wrote:

Felts wrote:

Another thought has occured to me... (and yes, it did hurt)

Using virtually just the 20mm prime for my fine art work, I've benefitted by it helping me to develop a style. I'm really not sure this would have crystallised so quickly if I'd used a zoom...

I consider the exaggerated angles of the 20mm FL as part of my 'photographic signature'.

I'd be happy with just a 20 and 35mm prime (although my wife would laugh if she read this).

So what came first, the style or the lens. I can teach the basics of composition but style comes within each of us. Re your fickr I see the first "as an ok photo", but as I look at the rest i see a pattern & story which reveals the photographer. Very well done.

Thanks for your kind words.

In answer to your question, "which came first..."; something just clicked (excuse the pun) whilst on holiday in NYC a couple of years ago. I think this was a few months after using only (35mm equiv) X100 exclusively for a year. I bought the 14mm (21 equiv) for my XPro1 whilst there and that was it... hooked on that FL! So strictly the style came first I suppose... but I would say aided by the use of a single FL again.

It's no surprise to me that my recently acquired Sigma 35mm Art is now seeing some heavy usage as its a very comfortable glove given my time with the X100.

Its important to note that I post hardly any shots from other focal lengths, despite being a little spoilt in the lens department!

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