RAW file converter for OS-X finally posted!

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Re: RAW file converter for OS-X I have it working!!!

I'll just have a conversation with myself

Yes Tom, that does seem to be what esther and Fuji means!

I removed all OSX and OS9 Fuji files (Apps, folders, extensions, prefferances, everything) then installed Finepix Viewer from the CD onto OSX, then ran the two OSX updaters. Both updaters threw some "permission errors" during the instalation (from unstuffing I think), but they continued to run and complete.

I've only worked with it for about an hour, but I think I now have total OSX sucsess.

I'm afraid to try and install it on OS9. Perhaps Fuji will only let us have one or the other?? That is fine, I'll take OSX. I've put FAR too much time into this (thanks Fuji, not). As I said before, I couldn't care less about the viewer (so didn't compare), the converter is a nice improvment. I can now add that the shooting software seems to run happily in OSX. It still has some speed and connection/use issues (as did the original in OS9). It would be nice to be able to change from RAW to Jpg without disconnecting the camera. It would be nice to be able to power down the camera without relaunching the program........ but it does work

Tom Ferguson wrote:
SAY WHAT?? Perhaps this is my issue. Are you saying that to install
the Fuji OSX software you/I need to remove all of the Fuji OS9
software first?? I only checked/removed OSX software before
attempting to load the OSX versions (made good sense to me!!).


esther dezube wrote:

I worked with the fuji rep to get the program working, for osx.
First you have to kick out all the previous parts of the old
version. Remember to look in os9 preferences, and osx library/

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