RAW : compression & bits

Started Mar 30, 2015 | Questions thread
harcourtfenton Regular Member • Posts: 493
Don't Panic ...

What is it of the two that possibly can affect detail and quality ? less bits or compression? If i am not mistaken compression is what possibly can affect fine details and area uniformity & smoothness while bits number is related to colour information & dynamic range ?

Compression does not affect anything. Think of zip files; after decompression, you get the exact input back.

However, in case of e.g. jpeg, the compression is preceeded by a step that throws away information (the lossy step). And what is thrown away before the compression can't be restored during decompression.

This is correct, but just to avoid widespread panic among beginners, the data JPEGs "throw away" is the least significant to the human eye. The JPEG algorithms have been very carefully designed and have stood the test of time, so no need for panic.

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