D600 Repair Experience: Mike's Camera

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Re: D600 Repair Experience: Mike's Camera

Please reconsider before using their repair service. The on camera flash was sticking on my Nikon D800 (Purchased From Mikes Camera) so I brought it into Mike's for repair. They quoted me $ 1200 for repair and stated the camera had "liquid" damage. I declined to pay the repair fee as the only issue wit the camera was that the flash did not automatically pop up. Every other function on the camera functioned fine...until I picked it up from them. Mike's Camera returned my camera damaged. Strangely enough the pop up flash was no longer sticking but the camera would not turn off unless the battery was removed and the live view no longer worked. The on/ off dial appeared to have sustained damage while in their care.

Water and cameras typically do not play nicely together. That being said, the D800 is a weather sealed prosumer level camera body and mine had not sustained any substantial exposure to water.

I returned to Mikes Camera the same day I picked it up and asked them to repair my camera to at least the state in which I dropped it off. They acknowledged that the camera was damaged while in their possession but claimed that the "liquid" damage would have eventually ruined the camera anyway. Mikes camera would not repair the camera and only offered a warranty if I bought a new camera from them to replace the ones they damaged. This struck me as an exceptionally predatory sales trick especially considering I paid more to buy this camera from them rather than Amazon in the first place.

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