How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Zooms are convenient and honestly, modern zooms have better IQ than primes did 30 years ago. Having said that, primes are even better and can extract delicious detail out of modern 36mp low noise sensors. It is also a lot more fun to haul around a lightweight 35mm F1.8 prime than a bulky 10-35 F2.8 zoom lens, or even an 85mm with a 28mm tucked in your jacket pocket or satchel vs. a massive 24-70 F2.8. The prime's low light performance, DOF control and extra resolution is just icing on the lightweight cake.

1)  Quality zooms can also extract "delicious" detail out of modern cameras

2)  Comparing a "lightweight" prime against a "bulky" zoom is a specious argument.  How about a lightweight prime against a light zoom (like the 24-85 VR)?  How about the photogs who don't consider lenses as "bulky" or "heavy" but carry what they want and don't notice the "bulk" or the weight?  Like me.

3)  Lightweight is overrated, to me at least.  But apparently are foremost in the minds of prime shooters.  Photography is fun to me regardless of the weight of my kit.

4)  With today's cameras' high ISO capabilities, the need for an f/1.8 lens for its low light capabilities is rapidly becoming moot.

5)  DOF control?  If that's one of a photog's major concerns, for sure he won't be satisfied unless he's got a f/1.8 lens to fool around with.  No point in my arguing that.

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