How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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Re: How Many Folk Here Use Primes?

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This could have been posted on the "Lens" forum but I feel it's equally OK here.

I don't currently use a mid range zoom and prefer Nikon primes lenses. Am I alone with this or do others feel a mid range zoom better for them?

I cannot think of any zoom in existence that cannot be excelled by a prime.

ie... IQ, size, weight, speed, contrast, durability, etc.

No contest.

Can you think of any prime that can change focal lengths from a fixed location?

Zoom, no contest. If you have a 105 and a 200 prime in your bag but really need a 160, you're cropping severely or sol. We are talking tools here, not dogma.

You are allowed to use your feet or just pass on the shot. There probably is no zoom in the world better than a good prime at a given focal length.

Yeah if you are a Pro you HAVE to get the shot. But I doubt 5% of the people on here make a living shooting for a living. And even they have a bag full of primes.

There are many times you cannot "use your feet" - architectural interiors, landscapes from rocky ledges, events where moving closer to the subject would be disruptive.  "Using your feet" changes your perspective, not always a good decision and always a compromise. Pass the shot?  Not a smart idea if you are on a paid assignment.

And if you are talking the world's greatest zoom vs the world's greatest prime, doubtless the prime would have the advantage but most of us don't own a Zeiss Otus.  There are many zoom lenses that are as good as many primes.

Yes you are right - most DPR viewers are not pros but they come here seeking advice from more experienced shooters.  For the record, I am a pro and made my living with my cameras.  Over the years I have met and worked alongside hundreds of pros.  I can not remember one time where there wasn't a zoom in my bag or in the bags of the shooters next to me.  Zooms are part of the standard complement of equipment that everyone carries.

Please understand I love, carry and use primes all the time.  I'm just suggesting that this myopia of "just using primes" might not be productive.  I'd rather get a shot with a zoom than miss it with a prime.  Both have their uses, their strengths and weaknesses - why limit yourself?

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